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Epistocracy Vision Video

NOTE: The client has marked the video private. Please contact me to see a private copy of the video.
Written, Produced, and Directed by Roane Beard
Edited by Nikola Nikolic

This was a great project. My client, Brandon Siegerson of Epistocracy, had a bold idea for a social media platform that has the potential to dramatically reshape how civic discourse takes place online. He needed a bold video that matched that vision, and I wrote this script for him. Calling to mind America’s tumultuous past, the video offers the promise of a way forward in keeping with this country’s powerful history of persevering to triumph. He asked me to produce and direct the short after seeing the script, and I worked with Nikola, a talented motion graphics filmmaker and animator, to bring the script to life. I’m proud of the results.

Click here for a copy of the script.