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Video Game Writing
Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
The Power Presentation Pack Series

Product Descriptions


Marketing Emails

Video Sales Letters (VSLs)

The Power Presentation Pack Series


Naturally, I have many more samples than these. Feel free to contact me at if you’d like to see something specific. 

Landing Page Copy

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Landing Page Copy
Microsoft Azure HR Landing Page Copy
DataQA for Jira Landing Page Copy
DataQA for Jira Screenshot
Solar-Voltaics Landing Page Copy
Earfold Landing Page

Web Page Copy

Secure Transportation (Entire Site)
Flip Goods About Us Page Copy
Immigration Firm Landing Page An E-Commerce Site (Multiple Pages) Front Page Copy

Video Scripts

“America” Vision Video Script for
Quokka Explainer Video Script
“Dangerous Things” Commercial Script
“Teamworks” Explainer Video Script
Knowmedge: Medical Mnemonics Platform:
Great Hires Explainer Video Script:
Shopaflex Explainer Video

Short Video Footage

Great Hires Explainer Video
Shopaflex Explainer Video
“America” Vision Video for
Quokka Explainer Video 
Teamworks Explainer Video
Knowmedge Medical Mnemonics Platform


Excerpt from Three Swords
Excerpt from Queen of Wolves
Short Screenplay (The Banjo, the Preacher, and the King of Crabs)

Video Game Writing

Grazznic’s Golemworks, a sample single player instance for World of Warcraft
Faun Valley, a sample zone from the unreleased Twin Skies MMO from Meteor Games
Concept Document Sample, iOS Game

Ghostwritten Blogs

For Microsoft Dynamics
(Note that because these are ghostwritten, the byline author varies by post.)
Four Major Technology Trends That Are Changing the Way Field Service Is Done
Keeping Up: What You Need to Know About Mobile-Empowered Customer Service Trends in the Field
Make the Most of that Field Service Call! How to Use Field Service Management to Drive Efficiencies & Seize Opportunities
How Social Strategies Can Break Your Company’s Silos
One View of the Customer Isn’t What You Think It Is
Why Use Social Insights to Improve Customer Engagements
Connect as a Team to Provide Value to your Customer
Know your Customer to Solve their Next Problem


Quokka Travel Blogger EDM
Microsoft Dynamics Sample EDM

Video Sales Letters

The Power Presentation Pack Series

Script 1
Script 2
Script 3
Script 4


Bio-Pharma Brochure
YBS Brochure

Product Descriptions

Refurbished Dell Servers

My Resume

Writer Roane Beard’s Resume